Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday…….

I Propose:“About Me Wednesday”

The season of giving is in full swing.  It starts with the annual flurry of shopping, house preparation and cooking that Thanksgiving brings to my home.  Thanksgiving is followed by a long weekend bookended by days of intensive pressure to shop with the intent of gifting to others.  Shopping sprees are followed by Giving Tuesday and donations to organizations and causes that we value most.

For me – this time of year is filled with love, fulfillment and gratitude for all that I have.  But -– all this giving to others (and the 24/7 surround-sound media messaging about giving) also has me thinking about what I am giving to myself.  And not just during this time of year – but all year round.  

What about you – Are you giving enough to yourself?  

  • Are you giving yourself enough credit for all the things you’ve accomplished?
  • Are you giving yourself a break?  Or – are you allowing your inner critic to gain the better of you?  
  • Are you giving yourself the gift of time – time to do things that enable you to recharge and reinvigorate?
  • Are you giving yourself space to dream and purposefully consider what YOU want and need and where you want to go?
  • Should you be giving yourself more?  

I propose “About Me Wednesday”.  And – I propose we hold “About Me Wednesday”EVERY Wednesday, not just once a year.  Every Wednesday, take 15 minutes of time and make it all about you.  Give space to yourself and ponder some of the questions posed above.  Make one commitment that is for you and about you.  Write it down.  Hold yourself accountable and revisit that commitment the following Wednesday.  Evaluate how you are doing and then do it again – every Wednesday.  

Today – on this inaugural “About Me Wednesday”, I am giving myself credit for how much I have accomplished during my year of rebooting.  And – I am recognizing that starting a new business does not happen in a month or two – it is a journey and I am embracing it.  

What about you – what can you give yourself?   Share it here in the comments or drop me a line and tell me about it.  I’d love to hear!

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