Collaborative coach for change and transformation

Embrace Change, Pursue New Visions, Activate Opportunities

Make Change Work for You

Perhaps you are in the midst of change, either by choice or by circumstance and you want to harness it to achieve the best outcomes for you. Maybe you suspect there is more to experience or experiment with in life but are unsure how to effectively pursue new opportunities.  Or, you feel stalled in your career or business and want to explore transformations to achieve more success.  I partner with individuals and organizations to embrace changes small and large and create effective action plans to move forward and make things happen. 

Through collaborative coaching, we will:
  • bring clarity to what will bring more success and fulfillment
  • build more confidence to pursue new visions
  • identify and address what may be getting in the way
  • formulate actionable plans to make change happen

My Approach

Collaborative coaching process utilizes curiosity & intuitive listening together with tools and exercises to:



  • Your “guiding compass” to clearly define what truly matters to you
  • Identify personal & professional strengths and potential areas for development
  • The intersection of life and work - consider how they complement each other and where they may be at odds



  • Explore new visions for change according to that compass
  • Clarify and define personal and/or professional objectives short and longer term


Consider And Address

  • Inner barriers and beliefs that may be holding you back
  • Behaviors that may be getting in the way or capabilities that need to be enhanced



  • Design and commit to action plans for change
  • Build the community and connections to support the changes
  • Iterate and Repeat

Who I Work With:

I partner with those who are ready to intentionally explore and activate opportunities for change to experience more confidence, success and fulfillment in their life and their work. Some examples include:

  • Those who are experiencing significant changes in their life (such as career re-entry, job lay-offs, approaching retirement, small business start-ups) and want to better define how to actively embrace that change
  • Professionals from early to mid-career looking to better define what personal and career success means to them and build the path forward to get there
  • Non-profits and businesses with valued individuals and teams experiencing organizational transformation who would benefit from coaching to enhance engagement, effectiveness and impact

What My Clients Say

Laurie asks the right questions at the right time that made me think and reflect deeply on my limiting beliefs. Through intuition and insight, Laurie partnered with me to find connections between various pieces of information. She inspired me to think in ways that I had not imagined and challenged me to come up with solutions that helped me move toward my goals both personal and professional.
Associate - Financial Services Industry; Entrepreneur and Coach
At the end of each conversation with Laurie, I feel empowered over my self-doubt. Any obstacles discovered aren't obstacles at all but part of the process of getting from who I am to who I want to be. Many people in the world expect that their calling will fall from the heavens, or that by doing good work the right position will find them. This is not the case for so many talented people in the world. I recommend Laurie to anyone who still hasn't found what they are looking for but is ready.
National Event Planner, Global Non-Profit