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Introducing LHS Coaching: The Journey Continues… Join me!

One year ago, I left the corporate world after 20+ years to take some time to explore where my WorkLife may go next.  My friends and family joined together for a surprise “reboot” party – including toasts with boots of beer and other spirits to wish me well on my journey.

At times the journey has been calm, at some points, it has felt quite turbulent.  But, it has been what a journey should be – filled with beauty, surprises, personal change, new knowledge, some disappointments, moments of wonder and many occasions for gratitude. 

Today’s itinerary features the “official” launch of my coaching practice – with a logo, a tagline and a focus on WorkLife transformations.  It combines my marketing strategy expertise and coaching tools together with insights I have built over years of professional and personal transformations.

Without the structure of corporate life, there have been moments over the past year when I have experienced some doubts: “It’s 3:00 in the afternoon, what have I done all day???”; “If I don’t have a regular salary, is what I’m doing really valuable?”; “Is coaching a real job or just something keeps me busy?”

But, when I reflect, I know I have accomplished quite a bit.  Much of it personal, some of it professional and all of it appearing on my WorkLife roadmap. I have been able to be more present for my family, friends and myself this year than I’ve ever been able to before. I competed in my first triathlon. I have embraced more deeply volunteer activities and programs that are fulfilling and meaningful.   

I’ve had space to really explore my values and gained a deeper understanding of what makes me tick. And, I’ve discovered coaching, completed a certification, and am close to completing a second.  I am confident that the direction my journey is taking me is one that enables me to really live a life that is immersed in values that are important to me: interpersonal connections, building community, facilitating and activating meaningful change.

Many have celebrated, encouraged and collaborated with me as I have embarked on my reboot journey.  These interactions with old connections and new have been the most valuable.  With the official launch of my coaching practice, I welcome you to join me.  

Get in touch – let’s talk about where your journey is taking you and where it could go.  Let’s learn from each other.   Drop me a line at laurie@lhscoaching.com.  I am excited to connect.

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